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Who I AM

An Introduction to Fiona Lee

I entered this incarnation with the conscious knowledge I was from somewhere else, and a deep sense of purpose. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt connected to everything and have known people’s true thoughts and feelings. As a child I took solace in nature, exploring my connection with the elementals, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Games included channeling songs and making the river rise and fall. This sensitivity was shut down, as it often is in sensitive children, at the age of 11, when my father died suddenly, leaving me incredibly angry at the universe. You could say I spat my spiritual dummy and proceeded to play sad victim until my early 30’s.

My passion for helping the earth survived, and I completed degrees in Environmental Science and Education. and proceeded to spend the next 11 years developing a persona as a corporate workaholic. It was worthy satisfying work, but sitting at my desk at 10pm one night I knew there was more. I asked myself “What have you always wanted to do?” “Where’s the fun?” I realized the primary drivers for my environmental work were anger and fear.

 At 33, my mid life crisis (salvation) was well underway.  Not one to do things by halves, this entailed separating from my long term partner, selling my house, resigning from work, and backpacking solo around the world for about five years. The traveling years were such a blessing because they taught me to live in a very spontaneous way and opened me to synchronicity and magic again.

As I plunged enthusiastically into my own healing journey, I became increasingly inspired to activate others.  Over a period of several years, I undertook training in many areas including Pranic Healing, Timeline Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Environmental Clearing. Meanwhile I was traveling around, swapping codes with sacred places and gathering up soul fragments from past life locations. Just as I was getting comfortable with my new identity as an intuitive counselor/healer I discovered the Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program. This amazing ascension program propelled me into a massive expansion of consciousness.

I have now evolved my own unique way of facilitating healing.  I access, download and co-create whatever is needed in any given moment. This is done in alignment with the highest purpose of the group or individual I AM working with. Activations are expressed in sound, color, symbols, keys, initiations, activations, star language or just plain English! At the quantum level we realign the fabric of creation into the original patterns of perfection.

Primarily I AM tapping into my own god/goddess self for guidance, although I AM often assisted by angels, ascended masters and ET’s of at least Christ consciousness. I would particularly like to acknowledge Thothy and the Sirians, The Hathors, Archangels Gabby and Raphy, White Cloud and Madame B for their unconditional love and support and the occasional kick up the rear end!

In addition to personal counseling/healing consultations, corporate programs, sacred ceremonies and ghost busting, I facilitate a wide range of spiritual development and ascension programs.

As an embodiment of the divine creative energy, I truly facilitate profound spiritual blossoming and life changing leaps for individuals and groups.

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