Fiona Lee

Space Clearing – magical results for homes, land and businesses

If you sense something isn’t quite right in your home or business, or some aspect of your life just isn’t working well, space clearing is well worth consideration.

Everything that has ever happened in a place is stored in the actual sub atomic energy pattern of that place. This means that any negative emotions or behavioural patterns remain programmed in that place. This can have a negative impact on health, vitality, behaviour and relationships. For example, if you move into a home where previous occupants have had an unhappy relationship, you are susceptible to unconsciously taking on the emotions and behaviours left behind as an energetic imprint in the place.

I AM able to read the information in the energy of the place and clear any disharmonious patterns. I am also able to “hear” what’s happening in the energy fabric of the place and repair it by adding anything that is missing. By working with sophisticated quantum physics, I literally restore the patterns of perfection, re-creating the harmonic Phi ratio and restoring fractality – for the optimal vibrational support of life. This of course provides wonderful benefits for anyone living in or visiting that place. Imagine vibrant health and wellbeing, and a life that flows abundantly and harmoniously, and keep expanding from there.

Rather than offering temporary “band aids” for the problem, I go beyond method, into the core of pure creation. The results are permanent and powerful. If appropriate I also create extra dimensional portals and broader connections to all that is. I help you create a little piece of heaven on earth.

My broad experience in this area includes former battle sites, sacred places, farms, cemeteries, pubs, homes, healing centers and retreats, shops and businesses, including the head office of The London Fire Brigade.

Prices vary according to nature of property and location.

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