Fiona Lee

Shekhinah – activating your divine power, purpose and creativity

Shekhinah is the Hebrew word for the divine feminine creative force.  As Shakti is to Shiva, Shekhinah is to Yahwe. My first connection with the Shekhinah came during personal consultations. The word popped into my head and I started to sound it powerfully and realized I was invoking something I was already familiar with. 

This is a totally spontanous playshop. Each Shekhinah is unique, because it responds to the needs of the group of people who have gathered. In other words its completely tailor made for the souls present. I draw upon an infinite variety of healing processes and tools as guided by my own god/goddess self to literally make it up as we go!

Usually this is done through some combination of guided meditation, rituals and ceremonies, sound and discussion.

An opportunity to find answers to your questions. Highly magical, transformational and lots of fun!

Shekhinah is perfect for retreats. Have a day or a week.

“What an awakening! I cannot say how much gratitude I have ….” Margaret Jarvie

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