Fiona Lee

Re-Membering – energy stewardship for sensitive souls

This playshop could also be called “Adapting to living on earth 101” Its specifically designed for old souls, star beings, walk ins and highly sensitive people to help them navigate some of the energetic challenges of living in this weird and wonderful place we call earth.

Even highly evolved souls and experienced practitioners have blind spots when it comes to maintaining the energy body. In fact, the more expanded our consciousness becomes, the more challenging energy stewardship is. This is because our energy body literally covers more space, is of a finer vibration and is less defined.

If you find your energy levels and/or moods fluctuate, you are drained by certain people and places, or that you have never felt truly “at home” on earth, then Re-Membering is for you.

Re-Membering will empower you to:

Your facilitator, Fiona Lee, entered the planet with a conscious knowledge she was from somewhere else. She has always been a complete empath, picking up on all the unspoken thoughts and emotions of those around her. As she moved through childhood she became less and less sure she wanted to stay here. Her teachings come from the direct experience of attempting to navigate earth as a highly sensitive soul, making every possible mistake along the way!

Re-Membering is offered in 1 and 2 day format, with 2 day format being preferred as it provides time for the participants to fully imprint and practice the techniques of energy stewardship, including actual clearing of Karmic pattern paths.

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