Fiona Lee

Personal Consultations – activating your highest potential

What do we do?

Personal sessions are always co-created, in the moment, specifically with you. I AM “clair-everything” This means I see, hear, smell, feel and know multi dimensional information. Primarily I draw upon my own god/goddess consciousness and various archangels, ascended masters and christed ETs show up to assist, in accordance with your needs.

This means a lot gets done, on many different levels as our intent is focused on your expansion. A certain amount of information about this is provided, to keep your left brain happy, and a whole lot more takes place as well.

At the quantum level, the energetic fabric of your soul is literally restored to its perfect geometry, in alignment with your original blueprint. We do this by creating phi ratio, fractal harmonics in your hologram for the optimal support of healing and expansion. The divine energy has its own intelligence. As soon as we make an agreement to play together, the process begins. It will also continue to support your empowerment and growth long after our earthly session is complete.

Please be aware that this process will alter your biochemistry and DNA, and will create a profound shift in your consciousness. Fasten seat belts please!

I am often available for personal sessions before and after courses in various locations. Sessions take as long as they need to (1.5 hours as an indicative guide) Prices vary depending on country/currency. Consider $144 AUD/90 EURO/60 GBP/120 USD to be indicative. bookings and enquiries:

Distance Healing

Distance healing is every bit as powerful and effective as face to face work when we know how to navigate the inner planes.

How do we do it?

We agree upon a time (taking time zone differences into account) Prior to the session you email me any specific concerns/issues you would like to address. Our intent is focused at the agreed time, with you meditating and me doing the healing as we co-create the healing on the inner planes at a higher light level.

After the session I email you with a variety of information about what happened, what I picked up, what I cleared, what activations took place etc. Often I will give you exercises/processes to follow up with as well.  You can then email me back with any further questions/comments.

Payment is via direct transfer into my account prior to the session.  $144AUD/90 EURO/60 GBP/120 USD is an indicative fee.

*PLEASE NOTE Prices vary slightly according to country and currency.

"I always find a session with Fiona to be profound, inspiring and a very loving and  healing experience.  I never walk out of her healing space the same person I was when going in. Transformational!"   Karen Stone

bookings and enquiries: