Fiona Lee

Genetic Clearing – healing family issues

Are you repeating the patterns of those that came before you?

We inherit far more than physical characteristics from our parents! We also inherit the emotional legacies, values, beliefs and behavioural patterns of our forebears, for better and, sometimes, for worse. Many people are healing events from this life and others and neglecting this very important element of the healing process.

This unique day will;

This one day playshop will empower you to identify which family patterns serve your highest purpose, and clear those that have been holding you back. This process not only creates amazing freedom and release for you, but also has a positive domino effect for the rest of your family.

Fiona Lee, your facilitator, is an experienced intuitive healer, counsellor and timeline therapist. She is passionate about assisting people to address this often misunderstood element of the healing process.

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