Fiona Lee

Sacred France Journey Sept 2016

The Way of the Rose

A boutique retreat for women in the Venus Temple of Southern France

As a sister of the rose, you are warmly invited to come and immerse yourself in the magical healing energies of this ancient landscape temple. Our group will enjoy private and exclusive use of Métairie d'en Bor, a traditional French farmhouse, nestled on 650 beautiful acres of land, the location of a major portal.

Take a dip in our private pool and enjoy views to the mysterious Mount Bugarach in one direction and the Cathar Castle of Puivert, only a short walk away.

Delicious food, lovingly cooked by Adeline and Yoan, will be freshly prepared for us each day for breakfast and dinner. You will be completely outside of the tourist bubble; no busy hotel lobbies, no need to pack bags each morning, no long bus trips. Just us, connecting with the land, the food, the mysteries and the local culture.

This is not a "tour" Our focus will be on integrating the energies within the landscape temple itself, as we weave gently through the masculine and feminine energies and the vesica pisces, healing initiations and earth service work. Our journey is carefully planned to provide a nourishing and stimulating balance of wisdom, sites, stillness, activity, discussion, meditation, healing, ritual and solitude. Along the way we will be joined by some very special guests.

Our innovative journey structure offers you the flexibility to choose from week 1 or week 2 or undertake the complete luscious experience, with accommodation options to suit a range of budgets.

WEEK 1 ~THE LINEAGE OF THE ROSE (4th to 10th September)

A feast for the left brain, week 1 sets the scene by tracing back through time, exploring the many myths and legends surrounding this enigmatic landscape. Many questions will be answered, and more will be posed, as we enjoy a fascinating exploration through the stories, signs and symbols associated with Magdalene the Mary, Yeshua the Christ, the Cathari (pure ones) and Knights Templar. Links between grail lore, the philosopher's stone of the alchemists and the tarot will be explored. We will also examine stunning original theories on the bloodline, dragons, mermaids and the incorruptible saints. Sites visited include; Rennes Le Chateau, L'Ermitage de Galamus, Mount Bugarach, Puivert Castle.

WEEK 2 ~ THE HEART OF THE ROSE (11th to 16th September)

Having being provided with much fascinating history, context and theories to consider in week 1, the invitation of week 2 is to integrate the implications on a personal level. Our journey in week 2 will take us deep into the heart of the feminine mysteries, the centre of your own rose. This will be provided via a series of powerful healings and initiations focused on the original mystery school teachings of the sisterhood of the rose. Sites visited include; Nebias Labyrinth, Montsegur, Rennes Les Bains, Isis throne, Mary Magdalene Cave, La Pique, La Val dieu, Abaye Saint Michael De Cuxa and Source de la Madeleine.

You will be lovingly held throughout the immersion by Sandra Humby and Fiona Lee. Sandy is a rose alchemist and creator of The Rose Oracle for the Heart and associated healing system. Sandy's life journey has been in the healing and embodying of the authentic voice of the Sacred Feminine, she is a carrier of the Rose flame and the codes of the Feminine Christ Consciousness. She shares her work in personal mentoring, seminars and classes in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Fiona brings over 15 years of global experience in facilitating conscious empowerment and illumination via personal consultations, group facilitation and earth service journeys. Fiona has had a deep connection to earth energies and nature spirit intelligence since she was a child. She sings the songlines, works with the dragon energies and speaks the language of the eight, after which the Languedoc region is named.

Both Sandy and Fiona are strongly connected to the Sisterhood of the Rose on the inner planes and are repeatedly drawn to this magical part of the world, which they are delighted to share with you.

We will be further supported by our local guide, Luc Tibor Erdos, a visionary artist, energy worker and reincarnated Cathar, who will add his own brand of magic, guiding us to special energy points and hidden places of initiation and healing, outside of the normal tourist spots.

EARLY BUD RATES (save 300 euros if you pay your deposit of 500 euros prior to July 1st)

(Please note the above 2 categories incorporate mostly ensuite and one non ensuite room.)



Fiona Lee

Sandy Humby




Sun 4th DAY 1 – Arrival, welcome dinner and introductory briefing

Either make your own way or utilise our shuttle service from Toulouse airport to our home base for the journey, the stunning Métairie d'en Bor. It is recommended you plan to arrive in plenty of time to settle in. There are 650 magical acres to explore and a swimming pool to enjoy. At 6pm we will share our first meal followed by an evening briefing, where we will get to know one another and be introduced to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the rose.

Mon 5th DAY 2 – Mirepoix Market and Castle of Puivert

We will spend the morning at the lovely Mirepoix Farmers Market. This will truly give you a taste of the local culture and foods and you will truly feel you have stepped back in time in this charming medieval town. After lunch in Mirepoix, we will spend a relaxed afternoon soaking in the energies of the Castle of Puivert with its rich history and connection to the Cathars, Troubadours and The Courts of Love. This will also give us the first opportunity to connect with the important energy portal which is contained within the land alongside our 'home away from home'.

Tue 6th DAY 3 - L'Ermitage de Galamus

Today we follow the ancient pilgrimage path to the spectacular gorge of Galamus. We will spend time here in the hermitage of Saint Anthony where Luc will share his theories on the significance of this place. We will also find a quiet spot up the river for meditation. On our way home we will enjoy lunch in the rustic setting of Au Vieux Moulin (an old mill).

Wed 7th DAY 4 – Today we rest in the wonderful energies of Metairie d'en Bor

Today we will share rich, thought provoking conversation and unique theories to deepen your understanding of the lineage of The Cathars, The Knights Templar, The Magdalene and the ancient bloodlines. We will also explore the clues left in the symbolism of the alchemists and the tarot.

Thu 8th DAY 5 – Rennes Le Chateau

This veritable epicentre of mystery also happens to be located in the vesica pisces of the landscape temple. We plan to take our time here, exploring the many intriguing stories and symbolism within and around the Church. Here we will be joined by our very special guest Tim Wallace Murphy. Tim is the author of several books about the Cathars, Knights Templar and royal bloodlines. In addition to his vast knowledge, he is an excellent speaker and a dry wit. It is our pleasure indeed to share him with you.

Fri 9th DAY 6 - Mt Bugarach and Source de la Madeleine

Today we will travel to the slopes of mysterious Mount Bugarach. A hotspot for UFO sightings, a purported entrance to the inner earth, inspiration for science fiction author Jules Verne, disappearances and reappearances. We will enjoy a picnic lunch on the slopes of the mountain. On our way home we will stop for a ritual at La Source de Madeline, a local spring. After dinner we will share a special closing ceremony.



Sun 11th DAY 1 - Arrive in time for a shared dinner followed by an introductory session in the evening

Fiona and Sandy will share their experiences and outline their paths into the mysteries of the rose. You will be welcomed home to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the rose.

PLEASE NOTE; For those of you staying with us for the 2 weeks, an optional extra excursion to the cave of Sacred Union with Luc will be on offer today.

Mon 12th DAY 2 – An introduction to the area and Nebias Labyrinth

We will spend the morning receiving an overview of this magical part of the world and trace some of the mysteries that converge in this sacred place. In the afternoon we will travel to Nebias where we will receive an initiation into the feminine mysteries and walk the labyrinth, like Ariadne, following her golden thread along the Roseline. Today we travel to this iconic Cathar stronghold, scene of their last stand. As we connect with the wisdom and teachings of the pure ones we will also discuss the many rumoured treasures that drew the Nazis here, including the holy grail, ark of the covenant and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.âteau_de_Montségur

Wed 14th DAY 4 – Lavaldieu, Rennes les Bains & Isis throne

Lavaldieu (the valley of god) which is located in the heart of Henry Lincoln's landscape pentacle. We will do ceremony here under a magnificent ancient oak tree. Next we will travel a short distance to the charming spa town, RenneslLes Bains, where we will enjoy a soak in the warm mineral springs and lunch in the town square. In the afternoon we will reclaim our sovereignty via initiation on the throne of Isis as we connect more deeply to the Rose line.

Thu 15th DAY 5 - Abaye Saint Michael De Cuxa and Healing Stone

Here we will enjoy the acoustics of the amazing tube torus vault and explore the tranquil grounds of the Abbey. After lunch at a local restaurant, we will visit the incredible Saint Paul the Venetian healing stone.

Fri 16th DAY 6 - Mary Magdalene Cave, La Pique, lover's pool & evening ceremony

In the morning we will climb La Pique where we can enjoy amazing views and an overview from the centre of the Venus temple. Here we will receive a download of the Christed masculine energies. After enjoying lunch in magical Rennes le Chateau, we will immerse ourselves in the Mary Magdalene cave for a download of the Christed feminine energies. Our afternoon will be completed with a beautiful initiation at the gorgeous lover's pool. It is said that if you swim with your lover here, you will remain bonded for life. However, our emphasis will be on reunion of our inner lovers. After our last supper at we will share a powerful final ritual around the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the rose.





Retreat price includes all accommodation, site entry fees, breakfasts and dinners, ground transport and facilitator's fees.

Retreat price does not include international airfares, lunches, airport transfers (although these can be provided at a modest fee) or the optional day trip provided by Luc on Sunday 11th September.


Accommodation options will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, as will ensuite rooms.



To secure your space at early bud rates, a non-refundable deposit of 500 Euros or full payment is due at time of reservation. The full retreat fee must be paid prior to the 1st August, 2016 in order to secure early bud rates (a rates) at time of booking.

Bookings made after the 1st August, 2016, require full payment at late bloomer rates (300 euros more than early bud rates) at time of booking.

Please note that we require minimum numbers for this retreat to take place and a confirmation email will be sent to everyone as soon as we have the minimum quota filled to confirm the retreat, on or by 1st July 2016 at latest.

In the unlikely event of the retreat being cancelled due to lack of numbers, deposits will be fully refundable.

The retreat has been costed in Euros as all expenses are in the same currency.

Cancellations after payment of the deposit or balance are subject to the following penalties:

Up to 30 days prior to departure, client deposit will be refunded subject to an admin fee of 500 Euros.

Should a cancellation be received between 30 – 0 days prior to due arrival date, a cancellation penalty 50% of full retreat fee would be charged. Should the retreat space be filled with an alternative participant, then the 50% penalty will be returned minus admin fee of 500 Euro.

Should you choose not to participate in any included services/experiences you will not be eligible for any partial refund.

You are responsible for ensuring your passport is up to date valid for 3 months beyond the length of your stay.

If you are choosing the accommodation option of camping, you are required to bring your own tent, mattress and sleeping bag.

You are responsible for your own personal medical, travel, trip cancellation & interruption, baggage and flight insurance. Personal items, such as jackets, cameras, purses or daypacks are also your sole responsibility. You travel at your own risk and we strongly recommend you take out personal travel insurance.

By agreeing to utilise our services, you agree that Fiona Anne Lee, Sandra Marie Humby, Luc Tibor Erdos (henceforth known as "the facilitators") are not responsible for any changes in schedule, strikes, delays, acts of governments, acts of God, fires, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantine, medical or customs regulations, accident, loss, injury, or damage to you or to those travelling with you, in connection with any accommodation, transportation or any other services, resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence or conditions beyond its control, including defects in vehicles, breakdown in equipment, thefts, delays or cancellation. Neither shall be liable for any delay, inconvenience, loss of employment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from the act or omission of the facilitators. In addition, neither the facilitators, nor their employees shall be liable for any damage, loss, claim, cost or expense arising out of personal injury, accident, death, loss, damage or delay of baggage or other property.

The facilitators cannot be held responsible for the late arrival of passengers at airports or venues due to weather, acts of God or any other incident outside their control, nor are we to be held liable for payment or any refund for unused accommodation or meals occasioned by such late arrivals.

Please note, due to the co-creative and guided nature of the retreat, our itinerary is indicative only, and may be altered accordingly in order to serve the best interests of the group. The facilitators reserve this right.