Fiona Lee

Earth Healing – skills for creating heaven on earth

Many people have a sense of the changes the planet is undergoing as we head towards planetary ascension and 2012. Many also understand that they are here to help and feel drawn to assist. But what can we actually do?

This playshop will provide you with “in the moment” information about where the earth is at in the big scheme of things and provide an overview of the nuts and bolts of the vibrational shifts.

Rather than being taught a particular earth healing “technique” you will be supported to find and fully activate your own unique earth healing methods. This empowers you to actively co-create the divine plan of restoring the patterns of perfection, creating heaven here on earth.

The playshop will enable you to:

Fiona Lee, your facilitator, has experienced a profound connection to nature, the elements and the planet since childhood. Her passion for saving the world was initially channeled into Environmental Science and Education. In the past 8 years her emphasis has shifted to following her spiritual guidance to travel the world on earth healing missions. She is a master light weaver who has been dedicated to restoring the patterns of perfection and helping planets to ascend for eons. She shares a unique understanding of the matrix of creation, how we fit into it, and how we can all participate actively in co-creating the new golden world. You will be inspired and empowered in sharing her passion for helping this beautiful planet.

This playshop is offered in 1 and 2 day format, with the 2 day format offering greater opportunity for practical exercises.

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