Fiona Lee

Corporate Consultations – creating conscious professional cultures

If you are really ready to transform the culture of your team or organization from the DNA out (literally) I can help. I have walked a mile and a half in corporate shoes. I offer a rare blend of corporate understanding, masterful communication and alchemical magic that creates inspired, empowered, and permanent transformation in your team.  

Another way of saying this is that I can facilitate a whole heap of “spooky” stuff whilst appearing completely normal to corporate groups.

Earlier this lifetime, I spent eleven years as a corporate workaholic in the local and state government sectors. I’ve also spent three years as national vice president of a non government organization, Environs Australia.

I have first hand experience of team culture - both the functional and dysfunctional varieties! You name it, I’ve lived it; restructures, best practice, privatization, outsourcing, continuous improvement, contract development and supervision, strategic planning, interdepartmental politics – you get the picture.

In recent years I have been an associate facilitator for ANZ Bank’s globally renowned cultural transformation program, Breakout. The Breakout program has had measurably positive effects and is currently being documented as a case study for the globally respected Harvard Business School. For further information about Breakout, check out the link;

Of course it doesn’t stop there, I’ve assisted a range of organisations, large and small, ranging from stock feed manufacturers to fire brigades.

My corporate programs are truly tailored, highly creative, powerfully transformational and lots of fun. Take a quantum leap with me!

“Who needs Anthony Robbins when you’ve got Fiona Lee!”
Breakout participant, ANZ Bank

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