Fiona Lee

Sacred Ceremonies – celebrating meaningful life passages

Humans have an inherent need to use ritual to mark the passing of important events and life passages. I have traveled the world to study the spiritual practices of many cultures.  I blend this extensive first hand experience with intuitive information and extensive training to create distinctive ceremonies of integrity, beauty and power.

Private ceremonies I facilitate include

Each ritual is unique in response to the needs of the person/people involved, integrating the symbolism that is meaningful for you. The planning is very much a partnership and a co-creation. This ensures the ceremonial process is involving, empowering and inspiring. I use my space clearing skills and consciousness in order to create the appropriate safe sacred space and energetic framework to support the process and the participants further.

I also design and facilitate public ceremonies. An example is The Festival of Hope, held at Lal Lal falls in 2005. As the artistic director, I worked closely with Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Ted Lovett, to create a public ceremony for honoring grief and loss and celebrating hope at a significant sacred site. The festival was honored with an Australia Day award from Moorabool Shire Council for Community Event of the Year.

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