Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee

"Inspiration, Activation, Illumination"

Welcome to my website.

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I play internationally as a multi-faceted facilitator of healing and spiritual blossoming.  Whilst being real about the challenges and demands of modern life, I AM passionate about empowering you to ignite your unique spark in the divine plan.

My mission is to activate and mainstream practical magic.

The inspirations I offer are borne of my direct experience, and let’s face it, stuff ups, as a star being, a human, a healee and a healer. My style is grounded, direct, heart based and delivered with a sense of humour.

The purpose of this website is to give you a feel for who I AM and provide a reasonable level of information about what I offer. If you resonate with my vision, I look forward to playing with you.

“To infinity and beyond !!!”
Buzz Lightyear

“….. a genuinely warm and loving soul who operates with great integrity. I consider Fiona a true light of the world and you can only be enriched by knowing her – and she can cook! She is loved, respected and treasured by all of us” Leigh Firman

“How do you begin to describe such a lovely lady, with a heart as large as the oceans and a soul that encompasses the universe? Working with Fi is inspiring, uplifting, the source of major transformational growth, amazing insights and also darn good fun!” Edie Miller

“Fiona is a gifted and masterful healer and teacher. Her commitment to guiding you through your ‘process’ is done with great sensitivity and dedicated purpose, in a very grounded and real way. The profound experiences I have had with her are second to none. Be prepared for a Kaboosh!” Trindi Suratman

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